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What We Do

Clutching Attention To Your Customers

Clutch understands that businesses today need to stand out from the crowd in order to grow. With a full line of marketing and communication solutions, we aim to increase sales while decreasing costs. We are confident that we can meet the needs of your industry with our customized solutions. We are dedicated to representing our partners and clients with the highest integrity and professionalism. That is why we invest our time in developing the best quality strategies to obtain the most appropriate results.
15 + Brands & Campaigns
25 + Experiential Events

Systematic Approach

Our marketing strategies are simple, yet effective. The results speak for themselves. We provide structured marketing campaigns that are specifically designed to meet our clients' needs.

The Industries We Represent


In a market place filled with choice and consumer decisions, our human advert allows our clients to stand out.


In an industry where the brand and its values are the only tangible product, only the highest quality representation will do.


More than any other need a sales process offering the confidence that can only be built person to person.


With the expense of design and manufacture, ROI on marketing budget is essential. Furthermore in a touch and feel technology purchase, the human element is key.


This essential resource is being forced to adapt to ever-changing environmental and social factors. We work with innovative and green companies to convey their value and create partnerships rather than sales.

Food & Beverage

We understand consumers and the passions that inspire them. And we help our clients become part of the lifestyle, to connect with consumers in authentic and lasting ways.

Covid-19 Update!At our offices, we care about your well-being.

As the world around us is changing our priorities change with it. Safety has become our priority. When visiting our offices, you should expect:

  1. Get a temperature scans before walking-in
  2. Hand sanitize your hands
  3. We also encourage social distancing